• Shopping Local 2030

    Consumers' new-found love for their neighbourhoods will have a positive impact on the High Street. Tomorrow’s consumers will increasingly look to their local area to provide the means to satisfy more and more of their daily needs, and will value local shops much more. For besieged retailers, 'local' could be the silver bullet.
  • In groups we trust

    As citizens lose trust in institutions across Europe and the US, they’re placing more faith in family, friends and other peers. This 'Community Spirit' trend is set to revolutionise the way households, living spaces and communities are organised, built and run.
  • Tomorrow’s households will be bigger & closer

    We’re about to experience one of the biggest shake-ups in household composition and behaviour in decades. Get ready for households to get bigger, as children stay home much longer and their grandparents move in. And more shared and 'live-work-play' spaces, thanks to greater focus on friendship, community and locality, alongside the growth of e-commerce and delivery services. Watch this (living) space.
  • Four easy ways to get ‘post-pandemic-ready’

    Thanks to the pandemic, many companies have spent much of the last year just dealing with the day to day. But as lockdown eases, it's time to start looking to the future. Here are 4 things any company can do to better prepare themselves for the post-Covid consumer landscape.
  • New year, new customer needs

    At the beginning of the year my inbox is full of articles telling me all about the trends for the year. ‘21 trends for 2021’ and so on. Some of these offer real insights. But I’d much rather my inbox was filled with ‘Needs for the New Year’. That I could really get behind.
  • 10 Trendspotting Tips

    As New Year approaches, many a CEO’s fancy turn to trends. So how do you keep on top of trends? Here’s my Top Ten Trendspotting Tips.