Innovation Workshops

Innovation Workshops

Next Big Thing’s innovation workshops offer a guided, insights-led environment that:

  • actively empowers clients to determine profitable new strategic, product, marketing, PR and HR opportunities
  • is specifically designed to determine effective new strategies
  • combines extensive data, creative inspiration and practical solutions
  • ensures input and buy-in across all key stakeholders

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“Next Big Thing really understand trends: what is happening in the world, and how businesses need to respond. Their work for AOL was great: it prepared the ground for our targeting strategy, and gave us a sense of creative direction. ” Chad Wollen, Director of Insight, Foresight & Innovation, AOL Europe 

“Next Big Thing’s insights on new patterns and tendencies in youth culture helped us develop a successful cross-media program. Will’s really proficient in reading and understanding trends in this area.” Helen Venge, Head of Digital Marketing, Levis Europe

Published: February 16, 2016